Monday, August 28, 2006

Microsoft to offer broader support for older software

Microsoft plans to offer a longer lifeline to customers that use the company's older products.
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Hacker Faces Prison for PC Attacks

Overall, investigators have identified 441,000 computer systems hacked by Christopher Maxwell's robot virus, including 104 country domains, 276 ".net" domains, 128 ".com" domains, and 28 ".edu" domains. The virus was planted between July 2004 and July 2005, federal investigators said.
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McAfee warns of 'SMiShing' attacks

Cell phone users should watch out for text messages containing a Web site link which, when visited, could download a Trojan horse, security experts have warned.
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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bush aims to boost health care data transparency

President George W. Bush yesterday issued an executive order requiring the four agencies charged with overseeing federal health care programs to overhaul the way they use IT to exchange health data and measure quality.
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IBM to Acquire Internet Security Systems for $1.3 Billion

IBM announced on Aug. 23 that it is acquiring Internet Security Systems, a maker of network security and appliances, for $1.3 billion, or $28 per share.
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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Student claims to find Myspace security flaw

A UK STUDENT has stumbled on what he thinks is a flaw in Myspace’s password system.
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Businesses Struggle Under Growing Weight Of E-Mail

Feed the e-mail beast. We all do it, from the time we log on in the morning till late in the day when a last thought needs to be shared with a colleague or friend. We're sending messaging morsels over mobile devices to try to satiate its insatiable appetite. Don't feed the beast--take off a week, a day, even an hour--and you fall dangerously behind.
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FBI Investigating Theft of 10 Hospital Computers

In the latest episode of stolen computers and compromised personal records, Hospital Corporation of America reported on Aug. 18 that 10 computers had been stolen from one of the health care provider's regional offices.
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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Five things you'll be glad to hear about Longhorn Server networking

With all of the coverage of Windows Vista and its many improvements for client desktops, it's easy to forget that an equally large team of developers is working on the next generation of Windows on the server. Many enhancements are slated for Longhorn Server and most are actually already checked into code and operational in the latest beta release. These benefits aren't incremental, either. Some represent significant improvements to the core Windows code base, and will mean better reliability, faster network connections and easier management.
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US govt researches next-generation Internet

The US government department that created the Internet is working on a new network that will be able to configure itself, intelligently cache and route data, and allow for fast and reliable sharing of data, all while maintaining military-grade security.
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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

IBM Keeps Its Eye on IT Service Management

IBM is pursuing its IT service management and service-oriented architecture management strategy through a series of acquisitions and evolutionary product releases.
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Avoid a Meltdown: Reacting to a Security Breach

How your company handles a data breach can make the difference between survival and extinction.
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Survey: 81% of U.S. firms lost laptops with sensitive data in the past year

Loss of confidential data -- including intellectual property, business documents, customer data and employee records -- is a pervasive problem among U.S. companies, according to a survey released yesterday by Ponemon Institute LLC and Vontu Inc., a San Francisco-based provider of data loss prevention products.
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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Another worm set to exploit Windows flaw

Attack code exploiting a recently-patched vulnerability in Windows has been posted to the Internet, prompting concerns of a widespread attack.

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DOT Is the Latest Victim of Computer Theft

The US Department of Transportation has announced that a laptop computer containing names, addresses and social security numbers of 133,000 Florida residents was stolen two weeks ago.

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Unpatched Microsoft Computers Falling Prey to Hackers

Hackers are actively using exploit code to target a flaw in Microsoft’s software that generated a special warning from the U.S. government last week.

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Fire Hazard Causes Dell Battery Recall

How's this for having a hot laptop...

Computer maker Dell is recalling 4.1 million laptop computer batteries because of a potential fire hazard, the company said Monday.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Utah man charged with intercepting employer e-mail

Unauthorized reading material may include 15-year sentence.
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Small Business Operators Have Higher Risks of Online Fraud

Many small business are wide open to online fraud because they have limited IT skills and computer security is not high on their list of priorities, The Daily Telegraph reports.
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Laptops banned from hand baggage

There are ways to reduce the risk of damage or the impact of a lost laptop, said Richard Starnes, a computer security expert and president of the UK branch of the worldwide Information Systems Security Association. Ideally, laptop users should already be following such guidelines, he said. The guidelines include:
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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Colleges Brace for Malware Wave

While returning to school may only be a fleeting thought for most students at this time of year, it's top of mind for the folks charged with keeping university networks free from a host of electronic nasties.
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What's the Future of Desktop Software - and How Will it Affect Your Privacy?

"Today, we may think of Microsoft when we think of [personal computer] operating systems, but there are many kinds of operating systems—on your cell phone, on an Xbox," she said. "The question for the future is how we merge these, how all this specialized software comes together ... to support a user experience that includes sharing, synchronizing information, making the experience expand and come alive."
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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Trojan data-stealer hijacks ICMP traffic

Once a PC has become infected, the Trojan installs itself as an Internet Explorer browser helper object (BHO), and then waits quietly for the user to access one or more target online banking websites.
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VARBusiness Readers Define--And Redefine--Managed Services

Recently, VARBusiness asked the question: What is a managed service? Solution providers getting into the game have all kinds of definitions for what constitutes a managed service. In fact, some even say myriad definitions are causing confusion in the marketplace, making it difficult to succeed.
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Friday, August 04, 2006

Dyrand to Open Calgary Office

Look for a new office in Calgary in the weeks ahead. Our crack team has been planning this expansion for some time now to take advantage of the many opportunities in the oil patch. Bill Lahay will head the new Alberta operations.

The evolution of corporate security

Here's a great article on the evolution of security...

Most security solutions are a trade-off of ease-of- use versus security. As computer security measures grow in importance, previously uninterrupted legitimate processes get reined in or stopped altogether -- like my recommendation of not allowing non-admin users to install software without management approval. As companies grow more valuable, they are willing to accept higher levels of default security as measured against legitimate needs
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Dyrand is Hiring Now

Have a look at our home page for more information.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Advisory group calls for standardized e-medical records

A federally chartered IT advisory group approved a recommendation on Aug. 1 to request that the federal government identify and prioritize by October the key data elements to be used in a medical electronic record available to first responders.
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'Brute force' attacks against SMBs on the rise

The number of "brute force" attacks on small and midsize companies has risen dramatically in the past few months, according to Houston-based Alert Logic Inc., an on-demand IT network security company that focuses on small and medium-size businesses.
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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Security Spending on the Rise

According to a new report released today by Heavy Reading Enterprise, organizations of all sizes will increase spending for security products and services over the next two years: 66 percent of respondents from both large- and medium-sized companies and 55 percent of small companies. These findings are in sharp contrast to vendor and analyst warnings of late that security spending is slowing.
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A password for your credit cards

As banks face an end-of-year deadline to strengthen online authentication, one company believes it holds the right card to customer security--a one-time- password.
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