Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Six Dirtiest Tricks of 2006

Since the dawn of humanity, man has taken pride in his achievements of days past. The courageous defense of his cave from long-toothed predators. A fruitful hunt of the elusive wildebeest. The successful programming of his complicated BlackBerry.

In ancient times, these great achievements were told and re-told in tales, in song, in poetry. Today, journalists have evolved this retelling to a higher art form: the annual "year in review" story. This story is done and re-done each year by virtually every publication in existence, from Sports Illustrated to Hog Monthly.

As a new, innovative Web destination, we thought about not doing one of those stories. Break the mold and all that. But it's the end of the year. The drums are beating. The fire is burning high. The smell of roasted wildebeest hangs pungent in the air. The ceremonial conch shell is passed to us -- it's our turn to, uhh, blow.

So, what the hell. Who are we to argue with evolution?

The following is Dark Reading's look back at six of the most clever and devious IT security exploits of 2006, which we call "The Six Dirtiest Tricks of 2006."

Click here for the full story.

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