Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lessons from the DuPont breach: Five ways to stop data leaks

Follow the data, and protect it, say security experts
In the five months Gary Min was stealing $400 million worth of proprietary information from a DuPont database, he downloaded and accessed more than 15 times as many documents as the next-highest user of the system. But he wasn't caught until after he left the company for a rival firm.

Min pleaded guilty last November to misappropriating DuPont data and is scheduled to be sentenced on March 29. His case is only the latest to highlight a lack of internal controls for dealing with insider threats at many companies. Earlier in February, a cell development technologist at battery maker Duracell Corp. admitted to stealing research related to the company's AA batteries, e-mailing the information to his home computer, and then sending it to two Duracell rivals.

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