Friday, March 16, 2007

Seven Steps to Safer WiFi

We've all done it: You need quick access to email, so you jump on that free WiFi connection at the local coffee shop, the airport, or a conference hotel. What are the chances you'll get hacked, anyway?

Think again. If you use unsecured WiFi in the clear, without any encryption or security, you're asking for it. Your laptop is routinely broadcasting seemingly innocuous data that when put together, can compromise your system as well as your company's. Hackers have the sniffer tools that can grab login and passwords, or gather bits of information that can reveal who you are and possibly gain entry into your corporate applications. (See Joke's on Me, Tool Uncovers Inadvertent 'Chatter', and Data That Doesn't Drip... Drip... Drip....)

Ask any security expert, and they will say "just say no" to naked WiFi.

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